How to Lose Weight and Tone Your Body Using Vegan Protein Powder

How to Lose Weight and Tone Your Body Using Vegan Protein Powder

Most people aren’t getting enough protein in their diet. Protein is a vital component to build muscle and lose fat. Protein comes in natural foods, but there’s only so much meat you want to eat.  And what if you’re a vegan? Well, now you’re in even more trouble. Most natural food sources are animal-based, so you’re going to need to go out of your way to buy expensive plant-based foods. If you want to consume enough protein as a vegan, then you’re going to want to take a vegan protein powder, or else you’re prone to lose muscle and stock up fat.

Even if you’re not a vegan, a vegan protein powder has potent benefits.  So you can go batshit crazy trying to shop for the right vegan food on your own, or you can opt for a quality supplement. A natural supplement, furnished with a plethora of benefits, and saves you time and money!

What is Protein?

Protein is one of the macronutrients essential for an optimal body. Protein, fats, and carbs make up the macronutrients your body needs to function. Your body needs protein to regulate your cells, organs, and tissues. Your muscle, skin, and bones are all made up of protein.  Without protein, your body wouldn’t function.  Protein’s main responsibility is to build and repair things in your body which is why it’s so important to consume to build muscle. And as you probably know, the more muscle you have the less fat you’ll have. Protein is the macronutrient most responsible for building muscle.  It’s responsible for amino acids which are the building block of protein. Your body needs 10-30% of its source to come from protein for optimal performance. However, you should consume 0.8g-1g per pound of bodyweight to build the most muscle.

As mentioned, protein mainly comes from animal sources, but it’s not the only way to consume protein.

• Protein Benefits

Protein is an essential component you need to perform at your best and to build the muscle you want. Protein also helps you lose weight. That’s because the more protein you consume the more satiated you are. Protein reduces the level of your hunger hormone ghrelin. That means more weight loss for you. If you’re filled up from eating fewer calories from protein, then it’s easier to be in a caloric deficit which is necessary for weight loss.

Giving you a trim, slim body that’s tone all around.


• Weight loss

• Increase muscle mass

• More strength

Now, when you combine protein with veganism, your body will GLOW!

• Vegan Benefits

If you follow a vegan diet, also known as plant-based, then you don’t eat animal products. Instead, you eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds. Studies are showing proof of the hazards of meat, fish, dairy, and eggs. Many experts agree a vegan diet will increase your lifespan.


• Weight loss

Reduce the risk of diseases (cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc.)

• Better mental health

• Healthier Skin


The reduced risk of cardiovascular disease is noteworthy since the #1 cause of death in America stems from cardiovascular disease. Aside from the benefits of being a vegan provides for your body, it’s also better for the earth. Being a vegan means fewer greenhouse gas emissions, more water, less deforestation, protecting the ocean, and saving bees to save our plants.

Yay veganism! Get a killer body and save Mother Nature too

Vegan Protein Powder Benefits

With our evolving technology and health industry, you can have a quality vegan protein powder. As mentioned earlier, most protein comes from animal sources which means you’re likely not getting the protein you need (especially if you’re a vegan). Plant-based protein contains fiber which helps your digestive system and gut health. Also, studies have proven it will improve your body composition. The benefit to vegan protein powder is now you can get the protein your body needs whether it’s for overall health, losing weight, or building muscle without laying your hand on an animal product. And it saves you time and money in the process. Taking a protein shake is quicker and cheaper then cooking and meal prepping expensive meals all day.

How to Consume More Protein if You’re a Vegan

Protein mainly comes from meat, poultry, eggs, and fish. So if you’re a vegan, you have limited options on what you can consume to make sure you’re hitting your daily protein target. (Even if you’re not vegan, everyone who works out should be taking a protein supplement.) With that being said, that’s where taking the right supplement comes in.

Our Lean Vegan Protein is the best vegan protein powder on the market. Most of the market is filled with artificial sweeteners and a whole bunch of unnatural ingredients. Lean Vegan Protein is natural and doesn’t contain any fillers or additives. It uses the purest form of pea protein isolates. One of the key ingredients to a plant-based protein source. As the name suggests, it’s lean with only 120 calories and packed with 25g of protein (24g plant-based). Lean Vegan Protein is free of devastating artificial ingredients, and it comes equipped with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients. And that’s not all. It improves your gut health by coming with a dab of probiotics and digestive enzymes. And the best part, it’s MOUTHWATERING! It has multiple flavors to satisfy your taste. Whether you’re into cinnamon, chocolate, or vanilla, LIV BODY has a flavor for you!


Protein is imperative to a good looking body. It makes you tone, helps you lose weight, and has countless other benefits. Adding protein powder to your diet will make consuming protein a whole lot easier. And if you opt for a vegan protein powder, well now you’re amplifying the effects of traditional protein powder. Heck, you’re even saving the environment too! Adding a vegan protein powder to your daily supplements will save you time, money, and help build you the body of your dreams. Want even more reasons to try our Vegan Protein? Our Early Black Friday Sale is happening right now! Try a Vegan Protein and get a FREE Relaxed and Gift Bag (drawstring bag, shaker, hat and skin care item). 





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