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LIV Marine Collagen

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Supplement Facts

Marine Collagen

Serving Size: 12g
Servings per container: 28

Per Serving
% Daily
Calories 45
Protein 11g 3%
Sodium 35mg 2%

LIV Body's Marine Collagen is extracted from the scales of fresh non-gmo project verified wild-caught snapper.  Our collagen protein is highly bioavailable, digestible and mixes better than any other collagen product on the market.  Enhance your health from the inside out by adding marine collagen to your current supplement regimen!

  • Promotes Youthful Skin and Healthier Hair, Bones, Joints, and Nails
  • Enhances Gut Health and Digestion
  • Highly Bioavailable Source of Protein and Amino Acids
  • Rich Source of Type 1 Collagen

    marine collagen

    • Anti-Aging

      Marine Collagen is a type I collagen which is what our upper epidermis (skin) layer consists of. Consuming the type 1 collagens in Marine Collagen helps prevent and improve signs of skin aging. Consumers report increased moisture retention, prevention and improvement of deep wrinkle formations, and improved smoothness of the skin.

      Protein Content

      Marine Collagen is 97% protein with zero fat, sugar, or carbohydrates. It is extremely unique to other forms of protein due to its amino acid profile. Besides benefiting skin, joints, and bones, supplementing with collagen protein significantly improves recovery and the muscle building process after working out.

      Bone Healing and Regeneration

      Numerous studies have proven the positive effect that consuming Marine Collagen has on bone health and regeneration. It does this by increasing bone mineral density and exerting anti-inflammatory activity on osteoarthritis. Consuming Marine Collagen has been proven to exert a positive effect on osteoblastic cells and increases collagen synthesis and quality and mineralization. This process aids in bone and tissue healing and regeneration.

      Antibacterial Properties

      The antibacterial peptide “Collagencin” found in Marine Collagen has been scientifically proven to help inhibit the growth of “Staphylococcus aureus”, more commonly known as a Staph Infection. Consuming peptide consumption has also shown to have several other promising antimicrobial effects, increasing gut health and food safety.

      Wound Healing

      The ability of a wound to heal is largely based on collagen which helps the body form new tissue. Since Type I collagen is the most prevalent structural component of the dermal matrix, by increasing the circulation of type 1 collagen you are giving your body the nutrients it needs to expedite wound healing.

    • Marine Collagen is a complex structural protein that helps maintain the strength and flexibility of skin, ligaments, joints, bones, muscle, tendons, blood vessels, gums, eyes, nails and hair. It is a Type I collagen, which is the most prevalent collagen in the human body. Type I collagen is most popularly known for providing the foundation for beautiful skin, strong connective tissues and higher bone density.

      Marine Collagen has a very high concentration of the amino acids hydroxyproline, glycine, and proline. Since hydroxyproline peptides can’t be completely digested it frees the aminos acids into the bloodstream. These hydroxyproline peptides stimulate cells in the skin, joints and bones, and lead to collagen synthesis through cell activation and growth.

      Highest Bioavailability:

      Bioavailability determines how much of an ingredient/nutrient your body can absorb after ingested. Since Marine Collagen’ is lower in molecular weight and size, it can be absorbed up to 1.5 times more efficiently than bovine and porcine collagens. Since it is absorbed more efficiently and enters the bloodstream quicker, it’s considered the highest quality and most bioavailable collagen source.

    • Does Marine Collagen Smell “Fishy?

      Absolutely not! We have extracted all of the collagen peptides from the red snapper and what you get is an extremely pure source of bioavailable marine collagen peptides.

      Can Marine Collagen be taken with other protein sources and supplements throughout the day?

      Yes! We highly recommend taking in a wide variety of healthy protein sources throughout the day, as they all have different amino acid profiles and various health benefits. Adding in marine collagen to your daily routine ensures that you are getting a healthy source of Collagen I peptides, giving your body the nutrients it needs for youthful skin, strong bones, and joints while enhancing gut health and digestion.

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    Natasha M.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    I had a reaction

    I was very excited to try this collagen because the reviews were promising, and I had my heart set on using a marine collagen. After 3 days, I ended up getting a rash from this product. I'm not allergic to fish or shellfish, but it just didn't work for me. It did dissolve well, which was a plus. I did notice a slight fish odor, but was willing to look past that. I'm glad it works for so many others!

    Liv Body

    Hi Natasha, We are sorry to hear that it didn't work well for you :( You might want to try a bovine based collagen from another company to get similar benefits (slightly different in regards to not being as high in type 1 collagen) but it may be a better suited product for you. Best of luck and have a great week! Regards, LIV Body

    Monique A.


    Marine collagen is a little better than the multi collagen I was taking. I like that there is no scent or weird smell and it mixes a little bit better. My skin looks great on it. I also give a little bit to my kids as well

    Chris O.

    Joints feel better

    I take this for knee and shoulder pain along with fish oil daily and notice a pretty big improvement in joint pain. Something I didn’t really take it for but noticed a positive difference in was digestion. I’m a bit more regular since taking this. Could be from the vegan protein or this since I mix it but I feel its a very healthy supplement.

    Marc B.

    Hair growth

    I normally buzz my head once every other week and I swear between this and taking biotin my hair grows A LOT and I mean A LOT faster. Not why I take this at all but interesting thing that I noticed. That being said, I take 2 scoops daily in my smoothie or coffee in the am. Lean source of protein that has no carbs so I use it while intermittent fasting.



    I’ve tried a bunch of collagens and really believe in all of them but this is by far my favorite! It mixes really nicely and frankly it makes my digestion A LOT better and I just feel healthy overall. Skin seems to mildly improve as well