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When Is The Best Time To Consume BCAA and Why?

March 13, 2019

The ideal time to consume these are during the “peri-workout period” (before, during, and after your workout).  BCAA’s, particular leucine, is an anabolic trigger that helps prevent catabolism and allows you to burn BCAA for fuel, rather than breaking down muscles.  This is especially useful when the body is low on blood glycogen levels (carbohydrate stores) and would be turning to muscles for energy. Having an adequate amount of BCAA in the bloodstream tells the body to burn those off before considering tapping into your hard earned muscle.  

BCAA Dosage

The standard dosage for leucine is between 2-10 grams per day and standard dosage for isoleucine and valine is between 3-10 grams per day.  This equates to approximately 5-20g of BCAA for optimal results. We recommend taking at least 5g before, 5g during, and 5g immediately post workout (or consume a protein shake that contains them) to optimize muscle growth and enhance muscle endurance. 

Final Thoughts And Recommendations

It doesn’t matter if your goal is building muscle, trimming down, or enhancing workout performance.  Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) have a slew of benefits that can help you with all of these goals simultaneously.  We always recommend having a sound diet of whole foods containing large amounts of protein, whether it is coming from plants or meat.  Supplementing with 5g of BCAA before, during, and immediately after your workout has tremendous benefits that will dramatically improve your performance in the gym and body composition faster than you previously thought was possible.

Unfortunately, over 90% of the BCAA products on the market are extracted from duck feathers, human hair, or even animal furs!  We find this absolutely unacceptable and LIVBody’s “Hydrating Aminos”contain an entire 6g of BCAA 100% Vegan BCAA Instaminos extracted from sunflowers, an additional 2g of plant-based EAA (essential amino acids), 2.5g of glutamine to enhance recovery, and added coconut water powder for advanced hydration.  We believe that this product is superior to any other Amino formulas on the market and recommend taking 1 scoop before, 1 scoop during, and 1 scoop after each workout. You can also substitute the post-workout scoop of aminos with 1 scoop of LIVBody's Lean Protein and Greens (contains 4+ grams of BCAA and 25 grams of protein).  This natural supplement regimen will increase protein synthesis and keep you in a muscle building state, improve body composition, and dramatically enhance performance in the gym as well as recovery.

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