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How to Choose the Best Marine Collagen

March 11, 2019

We have discussed about collagen, marine collagen and its benefits. So far, it is pretty clear that marine collagen supplements can make only good to us and our organism and our body. However, there is still a missing point that I would like to develop and is how to choose the best. I have resumed in 3 steps, some tips in order to choose the best:

  • Amount: Figueres suggests that we ideally should take 10 gr. of marine collagen daily if we want to see its real effects. So the first thing you need to verify when buying your supplement is the amount of collagen it provides option on each portion. She also mentions that powder presentation makes easier the process of quantifying the amount of supplement you take.
  • Components: Figueres also states that the absorption of marine collagen is easier if the supplement does not mix any other vitamin or nutrient, which is a common presentation of marine collagen supplements.
  • Verified laboratory: check always that the laboratory or company that elaborates the supplement is fully verified by competent authorities.

As you could read, the consumption of collagen is necessary if we want our body to be healthy and our skin and hair to look nicer, among many other benefits. Marine collagen is the most recommended and popular version of this protein since our body absorbs it better. However, collagen peptides are also popular. In any case, remember to take into consideration the three aspects mentioned above to make a right choice when buying collagen: its amount on each portion, its components and if it is made by a certified laboratory.

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