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Do you want to hit the gym hard for an hour and crash for the rest of the day? Do you want to feel like someone pumped lava through your veins and dumped a box of ants on your face? If so, then please move along; this product is not for you.

For those of us who want a sensible energy boost to enhance our gym-time performance, there’s BeNu Pre-Workout! We made it low-stim to avoid the weird skin flush and tingle, the stomach cramps, and the post workout crash that comes along with harsher products. We also formulated our pre-workout using quality sources like green coffee, green tea, and turmeric, which leave you feeling energized, alert, and focused.

So if you’re looking for something packed with synthetic caffeine and stimulants that will make you vibrate the weights right off the bar, please keep looking. But if you want to focus on crushing your workout without ruining the rest of your day, you’ve found your best friend in BeNu Pre-Workout!