Summer Biceps with LIV Body Athlete Jordan Edwards

Summer Biceps with LIV Body Athlete Jordan Edwards

LIV Body Athlete Jordan Edwards (@jordanke) takes us through her bicep workout that's perfect for summer. If you like to do a complete upper body workout, incorporate some of these exercises when targeting biceps. If you're like Jordan and like to focus on specific muscles, make those biceps šŸ”„!Ā 

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4x10 Barbell Curls
*Superset: 4x10 Reverse Grip

4x10 Seated Incline Curls
Superset: 4x10 Pushups

4x10 Plate Curls
Superset: 4x15 Plate Curls (with Lighter Weight)

4x8 Dumbbell Curl with Pause (2 seconds)
Superset: 4x10 Hammer Curls

*A superset is when you move quickly from one exercise to a separate exercise without taking a break for rest in between the two exercises.

You did great! Some days may be challenging and some maybe be a breeze but as long as you're doing it, you're making progress!

What did you think? Comment below with how you did and let us know what else you'd like us to feature!


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