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Whether you’re a gym buff or you’ve never been to a gym before, training your back can benefit you in multiple ways. This is especially important for those of us who sit in an office Monday through Friday. We tend to be prone to lower back problems because of poor posture and prolonged periods of sitting. Having stronger back muscles will absolutely help prevent future back injuries and even alleviate current ones as well. If you don’t already dedicate a portion of your workout routine to your back, it’s time to start. LIV Body Athlete Jordan Edwards is not only the queen of abs but she’s also a pro at sculpting her back. Join us as she goes through her favorite back exercises. 



This beginner back exercise is one of the best ones you can do if you’re new to back day. This particular motion targets the mid and upper back. It is important to keep your form consistent and your spine neutral when performing this. The goal is to use your back to pull the cables and not to rely on the power of your arms to accomplish each rep. Pay attention to Jordan’s form as she keeps her feet flat against the stands and keeps her back engaged the entire time.

Now that both sides of your upper back are warmed up, the seated row is going to target your entire back. Keep your back and core engaged! Again, keeping your spine neutral is going to be key in succeeding in having the correct form. Jordan is relying on the power in her back muscles to pull the cables to her core and more importantly, she’s steadily breathing with each rep.

Keep your feet in a narrow stance, arms straight (do not lock your elbows), knees slightly bent, and try to keep your shoulders down when pulling on the bar. If you’re unsure about your form, reference the mirror in your gym to make sure you’re not straining any part of your body. When done correctly you should be able to target your back completely with each pull down. 

You can absolutely take your time when performing this exercise. As a professional, Jordan is able to rock through these with no problems. The goal of this exercise is to pull yourself up with your back and not only your arms. Engage your back muscles and use your chest as a guide to pull your body up. Be careful to not over arch your back when you’re coming up.

This move is easiest to do when you have a bench. Start with a lighter weight if you are unfamiliar with this exercise! Keep your spine as neutral as possible. Lead with your elbows as you lift the weight up from the ground. This will work your upper back muscles and engage your core.

Again you’re going to be leading with your elbows as you contract and extend your arms. This exercise targets the back, shoulders, and arms. You will be using all three parts to keep yourself in balance with each rep. Best of all, your abs will also naturally be engaged. Be careful not to choose weights that are too heavy or else you may end up injuring your wrist.

So, how did it go? Don’t forget to stretch it out and recover for the next gym day with LIV Body’s Hydrating Aminos.


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