Insane Back Workout with LIV Body Athlete Jason Poston

Insane Back Workout with LIV Body Athlete Jason Poston

We’re bringing sexy back with this insane back workout with LIV Body Athlete Jason Poston. Cut your time in the gym by incorporating some of these efficient moves that are specifically designed to target your back muscle groups and light them on fire. Let’s get started! 


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Featured Workout Routine:

HEX BAR DEADLIFT: 7 X 8/8/6/3/3/3/3

We’re kicking off this routine with hex bar deadlifts that will engage your entire body and rep up your metabolism. Doing different reps each set will keep your body guessing and prevent it from getting used to the movement too quickly. 

BARREL ROW: 4 X 6 squeeze 2 seconds

Next, we’re putting the focus back on your entire back muscles and fully engaging your core through barrel rows. Don’t forget to squeeze and make each rep count! 

ECCENTRIC CHIN UP: 4 X Max 7sec. Drop

Looking to switch up your chin up game? Give eccentric chin ups a try. By increasing time and tension, each chin up will hit your muscles differently and even work muscles in your back that you’re normally not using during a traditional chin up. This type of exercise will help bring more definition to your back and lats. Remember, the key is to keep your body guessing! 

FAT GRIP ALTERNATING SEATED ROW: 4 X 12 (be sure to squeeze your back during the entire set)

Now that our back muscles are well warmed up, we’re going to engage them with fat-grip alternating seated rows. This isolated upper back and lats exercise will really take your back routine to the next level.


Last but not least, hit the lats one more time with floor kettlebell pullovers. Finishing with this exercise ensures you’ve fully covered all of your back muscle groups. Great work!

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Comment below and let us know how you did and what else you'd like to see from our LIV Body Athletes!


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