Full Body Workout with LIV Body Athletes Jordan Edwards and Jason Poston

Full Body Workout with LIV Body Athletes Jordan Edwards and Jason Poston

LIV Body athletes Jordan Edwards and Jason Poston are throwing it down in this week's full body  workout. From flips and kicks to taps and slams, this workout is going to be a challenge! What do you say... challenge accepted?

Grab a buddy and try this one out next time you want to go full out!

The workout:

  • Push-up with Medicine Ball Toss | Back Flip with Medicine Ball Toss (modification to Back Flip - Jump Squats)
  • Push-up Bar Front and Back Kicks
  • Push-up with Alternating Leg Lift and Hand Tap
  • Medicine ball Lunges with Push-Up
  • Medicine ball Back Side Wall Slams

Let us know how you did in the comments below! 


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