Bench Ab Workout with LIV Body Athlete Jordan Edwards

LIV Body | Bench Ab Workout with LIV Body Athlete Jordan Edwards

LIV Body athlete Jordan Edwards shows us her favorite bench exercises. This ultimate bench workout will target your abs and fire up your core! Check out how Jordan built her rock hard abs in this video:

Pre-workout supplementation: 3/4-1 scoop of LIV Energy Pre-Workout

Complete 25 Reps of Each (3 Sets)

  • Hip Raises: Grip the bench and steady yourself. Keep your legs straight as possible, exhale and raise them. 
  • Dead Bugs: Put your hands behind your head, then bring knees in towards your chest. Alternate legs. 
  • Scissors: Lift both legs straight up toward the ceiling, engage your abs, lower one leg about 3 inches off the bench. Lift your head and shoulders off the bench and switch legs.
  • Dumbbell Crunch: Grab a lightweight dumbbell, and extend your arms into the air above your shoulders. Reach the dumbbell towards the ceiling. 
  • Russian Twists: Twist your torso to the left, return to center and then slowly twist to the right. 

Post-workout supplementation: 1 scoop of LIV Body Lean Protein and Greens

Recap on the workout: This workout is all about keeping your core tight. Focus on squeezing your core and challenging your muscles. 


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