• Organic Beet Juice Root Powder

    Improves blood flow to working muscles and the brain, enhancing training intensity, endurance, and focus throughout the workout.


    Increases nitric oxide levels in the body.


    Organic freeze dried coconut water powder loaded with natural key electrolytes to ensure that you stay hydrated.

    Organic Yerba Mate

    Provides smooth, sustained energy, boosts mental function, and enhances the immune system.

    Vegan Ashwagandha

    This root can help fight off adrenal fatigue, boosts immune function, and increases stamina and endurance.

  • Directions

    Start with ½ scoop 15-30 minutes prior to your workout to assess tolerance. You can increase ¼ scoop as desired until you reach a maximum dose of 3 scoops.

  • When is the best time to Take LIV Energy?

    We recommend taking your dose of LIV Energy 15-30 minutes pre-workout.

    How much caffeine is in LIV Energy? What dosage should I start with?

    LIV Energy has 200mg of caffeine per scoop. We recommend that all users start with a ½ scoop to assess their tolerance. You can then add ¼ scoop as desired with a maximal dose of 2 scoops pre-workout.

    Does LIV Energy Contain any Artificial Colors or Sweeteners?

    None of our products contain artificial colors or sweeteners. The red tint in LIV Energy comes from the added organic beetroot.

    I see a lot of organic ingredients in LIV Energy. Why isn’t it certified organic?

    We use all natural ingredients and as many organic ingredients as possible. A few of the ingredients in our performance optimization matrix that are very important to the efficacy of the formula do not come in an organic form. LIV Energy does use organic caffeine, beet juice root powder, yerba mate, coconut water freeze-dried extract, and Rhodiola powder.

    LIV Energy uses proprietary blends. This usually means that a company is trying to hide something or cut costs. Why not spell out each individual ingredient amounts?

    We definitely are not trying to cut costs! LIV Energy is naturally sweetened and uses organic ingredients whenever possible, which makes it substantially more expensive to produce. We feel that our natural and organic energy, adaptogen, and nootropic focus matrixes are dosed perfectly and are superior to any other product on the market. This is an energy and performance optimization supplement. We don’t want to give away our custom formulations to any competitors!