cla 1500

  • CLA is a naturally occuring version of the Omega 6 Linoleic Acid. CLA plays an important role in a variety of cellular metabolic processes including how your body utilizes and deposits fat. CLA has been shown to enhance the fat burning process and support a lean body composition.

    Utilizes stored body fat as fuel

    Improves recovery

    Promotes lean muscle development

    Increases metabolic rate

    Supports lean body composition

    Supports healthy immune system function

  • Directions:

    We recommend taking 1-3 servings of LIV CLA 1000 evenly spread throughout the day with or without meals.

  • When is the best time of the day to take LIV CLA?

    Optimally you want to take CLA twice a day with or without meals. CLA accumulates in the body so timing isn’t nearly as important as consistency.

    What products should I stack LIV CLA to see optimal results?

    Stacking LIV CLA with LIV Carntine + Garcinia, LIV Shredded, and LIV Relaxed is an extremely potent fat burning combo. This combination ignites all fat burning processes (boosts metabolism, increase fat burning, increases thermogenesis, and curbs appetite).