About LIV Body

Welcome to LIV Body - a world of premier, cutting edge natural products that are proven to deliver the highest quality results.

We are committed to bringing the highest quality, most effective, natural products to the market. All of our supplements products are natural, free of artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, harmful additives, and taste absolutely amazing!

LIV Body takes every measure possible to ensure that we are optimizing the health and wellness of our customers. We are fanatical about ensuring that we are sourcing the most pure and natural ingredients available and are even more obsessed with making sure that we keep all of the potential harmful ingredients out of our products. We are strong believers that fueling your body with natural ingredients from the earth is exactly what will optimize your appearance, health, and physical and mental performance.

What sets LIV Body apart

We are one of the first sports supplement companies to offer an entire line of naturally sweetened supplements and are dedicated to never including harmful additives or fillers in any of our products. We never cut corners or costs and use the proper doses of some of the most potent and effective ingredients on the market. We have an endless passion for formulating and bringing to market the most effective and safe natural products possible. This passion that our entire team shares fuels innovation and our dedication to optimizing the lives of as many people as possible!

Quality Control

We prioritize quality control and test every single batch that we run to ensure we are only using the highest quality and purest ingredients possible. All of our products are safely manufactured by cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) third-party audited facilities. We have a full time quality control Department that is dedicated to ensuring all of the appropriate quality practices are met.

No Artificial Junk!

We take great pride in our delicious flavor options that include ZERO sucralose or artificial sweeteners. Sucralose is a chlorine molecule combined with a sugar molecule...No thanks! Several competing companies include these potentially toxic sweeteners in their flavor profiles to improve the taste and cut costs. We feel there is no reason to ever ingest something that is potentially toxic, not to mention a supplement designed to improve your health. We focus on health and performance first and pride ourselves in selling a product line that makes you feel and look better with enjoyable flavors!