Full-Body Pregnancy Workout with LIV Body Athlete Paige Hathaway

Full-Body Pregnancy Workout with LIV Body Athlete Paige Hathaway

LIV Body Athlete Paige Hathaway teaches us some of her favorite workouts to do while pregnant. These low impact exercises are pregnancy-safe (please consult your doctor or physician beforehand) and will even help your body bounce back after giving birth.


  1. Reduces risk of pregnancy complications
  2. Lower odds of delivery complications
  3. Speeds up post delivery recovery
  4. Ease your back pelvic pain
  5. Fight fatigue and improve sleep
  6. Relieve constipation
  7. Boost your mood pre and post baby

PRE-WORKOUT SUPPLEMENTATION: 1 scoop of LIV Hydrating Aminos




Squat/Lunge Biceps Curls & Shoulder Press - 10 Reps 

Modified Pushups with a Row - 10 Reps

Squat Front/Side Raise with Bent Over Rows - 10 reps

Glute Bridge into a Chest Press/Skull Crusher - 10 reps

Jump Squat into an Inch Worm - 10 reps


POST WORKOUT SUPPLEMENTATION: Immediately take your favorite flavor of LIV Body's Lean Protein & Greens



This is a great at home or gym workout. All you need is a mat and dumbbells. This workout routine is able to be performed whether you're pregnant or not! If you are pregnant, please consult a doctor first.


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