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Full Body Pregnancy Workout with LIV Body Athlete Paige Hathaway

May 10, 2019


Pre-workout supplementation: 1 scoop of LIV Hydrating Aminos

Squat/Lunge Biceps Curls & Shoulder Press - 10 Reps 

Modified Pushups with a Row - 10 Reps

Squat Front/Side Raise with bent over rows - 10 reps

Glute Bridge into a chest press/skull crusher - 10 reps

Jump Squat into a Inch Worm - 10 reps

Post workout immediately take your favorite flavor or LIV Body's Lean Protein & Greens

Recap on the workout: 

This is a great at home or gym workout. All you need is a mat and dumbbells. This workout routine is able to be performed whether you're pregnant or not! If you are pregnant, please consult a doctor first.

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May 20, 2019

Love love love the products!

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