Back Attack with LIV Body Athletes Paige, Jordan and Shannon

Back Attack with LIV Body Athletes Paige, Jordan and Shannon

LIV Body athletes Paige Hathaway (@paigehathaway), Jordan Edwards (@jordanke), and Shannon Henry (@shannon.henryy) demonstrate their favorite back workout routines.

A strong and toned back is something not only turns heads when you are rocking your favorite tank top, but makes your entire body stronger, more stable, and less prone to injury. In addition to these benefits, a killer back workout will set your metabolism on fire and make it easier to burn fat while packing on lean muscle.  

It's time to leave the traditional "3 sets of 12-15 reps" workout in the past and start incorporating some supersets into your back routine. You will be blown away how fast your physique can change when you hit back workouts hard and fast with very little rest.  

Try the workout below and let us know how it goes!



5 Sets of Triple Supersetting each movement below (45 second rest in between each triple set)

10-15 Reps Lat Pulldowns: (change your grip placement each set or even try using a rope, straight bar, and curved bar to hit the back from every angle possible). The back is extremely resilient and thrives on muscle confusion.

10 Reps Straight Arm Cable Pulldowns: Really focus on squeezing your lats throughout the entire motion. Use zero momentum and hone in on your mind muscle connection to ensure that your lats are engaged the entire time. Keep your arms as straight as possible without being locked out. If you bend your arms, this will become a tricep movement.

15 Reps Sideways Single Arm Cable Pulldowns: This will REALLY work your lats! Maintain tension and don't pull down too far or you will disengage your lats.

5 Sets of 8-15 Reps of Cable Rows (1 minute rest between each set)

Switch your grip placement or equipment each set. Change your rep count between 8 and 15 reps each set, adjusting weight accordingly. The goal is to hit your back from every angle possible and to never leave a full rep in the tank! Make a conscious effort to not pull with your arms and focus on pulling your elbows back as far as possible and once you that your back is completely contracted, hold it for .5 to 1 second then begin the eccentric part of the movement. Don't use ANY momentum during these and keep your mind on contracting your scapula and pulling with your elbows.

5 sets Dumbbell Rows with 15 Reps Per Arm (1 minute rest between each set)

Keep your back as flat as possible and with one knee on the bench or one arm on the bench, pull the dumbbell in a controlled motion all the way up to towards your armpit (focusing on driving your elbow back as far as possible), contract your back as muscle as possible, take .05-1 second to focus on the squeeze then begin the eccentric part of the movement and repeat.  

Tying everything together and improving every week

Keep mental notes or even jot down in a notebook how much weight and how many reps you were able to perform with each movement. Make sure every week your are increasing your repetitions or weight that you are able to handle. If you are not improving, you either aren't putting enough effort into the workout or aren't focusing on recovery. 

Two supplements that we find imperative for optimizing recovery are drinking Hydrating Aminos immediately before and during your workout and Lean Protein and Greens immediately post workout.  Hydrating Aminos will enhance your endurance and improve hydration during your workout.  They also flood your body with amino acids that you can use for fuel rather than breaking down your hard earned muscles. 

Taking Lean Protein and Greens immediately post workout will jumpstart the recovery process.  Lean Protein and Greens includes 24 grams of Pea Protein Isolate (the most anabolic form of plant based protein), 4g of Branched Chain Amino Acids, and added digestive enzymes, probiotics, and greens to enhance your health and improve recovery.  


We hope you all enjoyed and can't wait to hear back how you liked this workout.  Make sure to comment below. Use #LIVBody and tag @LIVBody with clips from your workout on social media for a chance to be featured on our account. 


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